Water is one of the most vital ingredients for life, but are we getting enough of it?

 Why do we need so much?

Water is such an obvious requirement of the body and yet so many people overlook it. Our bodies are 75% water and our brains 85% water. Water is required for every chemical process that takes place in the body, such as digestion and hormone distribution; it plays an important structural role too, providing lubrication and cushioning for joints. A loss of just 1% of our body water really starts to impair our functioning and just 5% loss constitutes severe dehydration.  Effects of even mild but... Read more

Exploring the benefits of flexible feet

Why bother stretching toes?!

As long as we are not in pain we tend not to think about the important role feet play in our everyday lives. In my practice as a reflexologist and as a yoga teacher I have noticed how cramped and rigid many people’s feet and ankles are. It’s so important to maintain flexibility and mobility of the whole foot, including the toes and ankle as it determines to a large extent one’s posture, gait and balance, all of which become more important the older we get. Each foot has...Read more

We do it all day, everyday from birth, yet most people don’t breathe well

Why is breath so important?

In many ways this should be obvious; we need to breathe to stay alive. We can survive without food for weeks, water for days, but breath for only a few minutes. Most of us assume we are doing it correctly as we are still here! However in the West it is often forgotten that your breath is your life force and good breathing is the difference between mere survival and being alive. Did you know that over 90%... Read more

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What ingredients to avoid in toiletries for you and your family, and why...