The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit ‘yug’ which means to bind, to join or yoke. It also means union and this is the most commonly used translation. This ‘union’ is said to be of many things from the union of one’s body and mind to the union of the individual with the universal. On a basic level we are aiming to join our body, breath and mind in our activities and this is what makes it more than just an exercise regime.

My teacher training was with the British Wheel of Yoga, the main governing body for Yoga in the UK and whilst the training is thorough, there is no prescribed fixed style, which allows each teacher to find their own path. I have an intuitive, non-dogmatic approach that draws from all the wonderful teachers I have had over the years as well as from ongoing training every year and personal research.

My style is student focused with classes being designed to develop each students abilities in a safe, structured practise. My classes provide a well rounded practise and include all the main elements of yoga: postures, breath work, mental focus and relaxation. 

I teach postures with an emphasis on mindfulness, moving with the breath and good alignment. I encourage students to work with, not against their body and to develop a greater awareness of their physical, emotional and mental self. I also include some philosophy so students can better understand their practise.

As a woman and mother myself, and in recognition of the fact that the majority of my students are women, I am mindful that our bodies are cyclical and can go through immense change throughout our lives. I feel our yoga practise should honour that and so in recent years I have studied with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and have integrated her womb yoga teachings into my classes with women. 

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Please note that I offer one-to-one classes at both clinics and in private homes, I am also available for private group classes. Please see my Fees & Locations page for details and prices.

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