For beginners they are an ideal way to start yoga. Many find the idea of walking into a large room of strangers as a complete novice somewhat intimidating. Private classes enable you build a solid foundation for your yoga practise. The individual attention ensures that you fully understand each posture and practise and how to adapt them to your body. Each class is designed with you in mind, focusing on areas and practises that would bring you the most benefit. 

Experienced Student

More experienced students find that they are useful for deepening and fine tuning their practise. One-to-one classes provide the opportunity to develop any areas of interest, learning more advanced practises, or to focus on particular ‘problem’ areas. 

Special health concerns

One-to-one classes are also useful during pregnancy and when recovering from illness or injury. These can be delicate times where careful attention and personal teaching is very valuable. 

If you have a specific health problem that mean a general class might be unsuitable, having personally tailored classes to address your issue can mean that you make much quicker progress and stay safe.

Busy Professionals

Private classes can be ideal for busy professionals with a very heavy and unpredictable work schedule that makes it difficult to attend open classes regularly. With one to one classes you can book them according to your availability, they don't need to be at the same day and time each week.

Once you have attended a few classes I will be able to draw up a personal practise plan for you so even if you are away on business trip, you will be able to continue your yoga.