Qualifications & Training

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Qualifications & Memberships

  • Full Member of Association of Reflexology (MAR) - Qualified Jan, 2001 with Central London School of Reflexology

  • British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma (BWY dip) - qualified May, 2007 with BWY Tutors Monica Burton and Chrissie Harrison.

  • CNHC Registered since (Reg 00140-H10)

  • Fully covered Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance

  • Qualified in First Aid in the Workplace


Post-Graduate Training


Reflexology and the Living Loving Woman, Chi points for female health problems. (2 day course by AGAR - Ann Gillanders, June 2002.)

The Metamorphic Technique, (Gaston St. Pierre, Nov 2002)

Nerve Reflexology, (Nico Pauly, Sept 2003)

Round About: Infertility, (D.Krosgaard & P Lund Frandsen, Apr 2004)

Maternity Reflexology Seminar, (Suzanne Enzer, Sept 2005)

Introduction to VRT & Intuitive, (Lynne Booth & Helen Perkins, Apr 2006)

Maternity Reflexology Course ( 4 day training, Soul to Sole - Suzanne Enzer, Sept 2009 & Mar 2010)

Fingerfree Reflexology (David Wayte, Sept 2012)

Fertility Reflexology Seminar (Barbara Scott, Jan 2014)

Oncology Reflexology Course (4 day training, MSCM Mar-Apr 2017)


Fascia, Posture & Movement (workshop, Pete Blackaby, May 2008)

Yoga for Stress (class series, Howard Napper, 2010)

Relating the Cervical and Sacral Spine (seminar, John Stirk, Oct 2010)

Ageless After 40 (workshop, Howard Napper, May 2012)

Journey to Handstands (workshop, Zoe Knott, Jan 2013)

Pranayama Philosophy & Practise (Seminar, Sri O. P. Tiwari and Sudhir Tiwari, Apr 2014)

Binding in Asana & Backbends, Inversions and Pranayama. (Workshop, Richard Adamo, Oct 2014)

Yoga Therapy Foundation Module 1 - Intuition & Ethics, Intimacy & Boundaries, How to BE a Yoga Teacher (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Lisa Kaley-Isley, Jan 2016

Yoga Therapy Foundation Module 2 - The Practical Philosophy of Healing (Marc Beauvain and Anna Blackmore, Feb 2016)

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Sept 2016)

Womb Yoga Teacher Training (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, July 2018)