I am very excited to announce the first course in my new collaboration The Learning Lounge!

We are a team of health professionals who together bring you the best of our combined expertise to give you information and tools to stay healthier and happier.

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Dates: Tuesdays 11am - 12.30pm from 7th Nov - 5th Dec 2017

Fee: £77 early bird (until 22nd Oct), £97 full fee.

Location: Yoga Balance, Unit 1, 2 Lambert Way, N12 9EP

This 5 week course for new mums started out as a chat between therapists discussing the fact that postnatal support is woeful in the UK.

Once you are no longer pregnant it seems the medical profession are no longer concerned with you and most mums are left to fend for themselves or simply accept that any problems you have are par for the course when you have a baby! Then, the support services and groups that are available, although being valuable in themselves, are typically aimed at helping mums better care for her baby rather than herself.

So we decided to do something about it!

Our 5 week course has been carefully designed to address a variety of needs new mums may have. Each week has a different therapist focusing on a specific topic so you get the knowledge and expertise of 5 professionals. You will receive a combination of information and learn practical skills to help you care for yourself.

Week 1 - Nutrition with Lindi: Foods to promote recovery after birth, quick and easy nutritious meals and snacks, how to avoid sugar and maintain energy.

Week 2 - Core Restore with Danielle: Exercises to promote pelvic floor and core recovery, learn safe and healthy movement (and what to avoid).

Week 3 - Massage with Skevi: Self-massage techniques including abdominal massage, use of essential oils for healing and relaxation.

Week 4 - Emotional Balance with Jenni (me!): An honest discussion about the challenges of motherhood, techniques to honour and cope with this transition, guided relaxation (yoga nidra). 

Week 5 - Yoga with Smita: How to maintain (or start) a yoga practise with a baby in the room, practises for both yourself and things you can do with your baby.

You will also receive a goody bag at the end of the course (mum's need gifts too!) and lots of follow up information to help you put into practise what you have learnt on the course. We are there to support you through the course and beyond.


Women's Wellbeing Masterclass: Tapping the Power of the Feminine

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Dates: 24th & 31st July 2017

Time: 7.30-9.30pm

Fee: £30 one session or £50 for both

Location: Yoga Balance, Unit 1, 2 Lambert Way, N12 9EP


I am excited to bring you a new masterclass just for women!  

Do you find challenges with peaks and dips of energy and emotions? Do you sometimes feel like superwoman and other times like you want to hide under the duvet?

Perhaps sometimes you feel life is beautiful and you are tolerant and understanding and at other times you rage against injustice or are overwhelmed by the problems of the world.  Rest assured this is normal and you are not alone!

I have spent over 16 years working in the field of complementary healthcare and personal development, the majority of my experience having been with woman through all stages of their lives.

In recent years it has become clear to me both through the journeys of my clients and my own experience with pregnancy and postnatal recovery, that denial or suppression of the feminine is a key factor in the issues women face with their physical and mental health.

As women we are often told that our body, our hormones, our emotions are a problem or a weakness. Your body however is not the enemy!

My view is that women’s health problems are often the by-product of not honouring the cycles and powers of the feminine. In addition to this, medical and social attempts to control these issues create further problems by unbalancing our systems further.

 In this two-part masterclass, I will share with you how we can live more in tune with ourselves and our environment by honouring our bodies and the natural cycles of life.

You will learn how to have more energy, manage your stress, improve your pelvic health, detox your home, create your own yoga practice, and tap into your intuition to find answers to questions in your life! 


Part 1 - 24th July

Will be based on theory and self-exploration activities.

As women our energies and strengths are not linear but cyclical. The best evidence of this for many women is our monthly cycle, but there are daily, yearly and life time cycles that interact with this too. We will look at how these cycles move within women throughout our lives and how they form and reflect our inner ecosystem.

Maintaining this inner ecosystem is crucial to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and allows us to tap into our powers of creativity, intuition and wisdom. We will also look at lifestyle factors that affect this balance such as stress, sleep, diet, environmental toxins and synthetic hormones.

This workshop will help you understand your unique cycles and what you need to thrive and live life fully.

Recommended reading with part 1 – Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Part 2 - 31st July

Will be a practical yoga class that looks at how we can apply the information learned in part 1 to our own yoga practice.

We will look at underlying principles of self-care and learn specific practises to help you create your own personalized yoga programme so that wherever you are in life right now, you will be able to nurture yourself. My belief that is our yoga practice should fit us as individuals rather forcing ourselves to fit an idea of how yoga ‘should’ be practiced.

In this workshop we will look at how to honour your cycle in your regular yoga class and also learn specific practises to nurture woman throughout our lives. This will include practises for a healthy pelvic floor, practises to support menstruation, practises to embrace menopause as well as restorative poses and yoga nidra.

Recommended reading with part 2 – Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli