Your health is my passion!

Despite best intentions, the demands of modern life can take its toll on your health. My desire is to help you get back on track, physically, mentally and emotionally so you can get on with what you love in life.

It's not just about pampering but getting real results in improving and maintaining your wellbeing.



Your body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself given the right circumstances. Reflexology treatments promote deep relaxation and aim to trigger your own healing mechanisms so you can recover your natural equilibrium. Whether treating a specific problem or simply improving your overall well-being, reflexology is a safe and effective treatment for all ages. 

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Contrary to popular images, you don't have to be young and bendy to 'do' yoga! There is so much more to yoga than making shapes; it is known as the science of life and really is for everyone. If you would like to feel calmer, happier, more awake, stronger, (and yes more flexible!) in both mind and body then come and try a class.

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Healthy Living

I believe that holistic health care extends beyond treatment. It is important that people have information to make healthy choices for themselves and with this in mind I have created a page full of tips, recommendations, self-care practices, recipes, research and more. I also have a new blog with more in-depth musings on health and well-being.

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Special Areas Include:

  • Pregnancy Reflexology

  • Pregnancy Yoga

  • Post-natal Recovery

  • Preventative Healthcare

  • Muscular-skeletal Problems

  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety & Low mood

  • Cancer Support

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