Not Just A Nipple Cream! 9 Health And Beauty Uses For Lanolin

Many mums find they have left over nipple cream and as you know, it does not come cheap!

Nipple cream is basically pure lanolin, a naturally occurring oil derived from sheep’s wool. It is deeply moisturising to the skin and provides a protective barrier, which is why it is such a balm to sore breastfeeding nipples, and why lanolin also makes it a great addition to your skincare toolbox.

So why not incorporate it into your health and beauty regime, it’s both money-saving and eco-friendly! And being safe for newborns it really is useful for the whole family.

Here are some excellent additional everyday uses I have found for Lanolin:

1.    Lip balm – there are now several expensive lip balms on the market that contain lanolin. Avoid the extra expense and use the pure stuff! I found a dab works great on its own and you can apply lipstick over the top.

2.    Cuticle cream – I have found the constant hand washing, wiping with wet cloths, washing up etc. has played havoc with my nails and cuticles. Massaging a little lanolin in to the nails and cuticles at night restores lost oil to them and keeps them soft and supple.

3.    Raw nose – if your nose is raw from constant nose blowing either with a cold or hayfever, lanolin is much more soothing and healing than petroleum jelly. Great for kids too.

4.    Minor cuts and abrasions – Lanolin is wonderful for those annoying little cuts and scrapes. Once the wound is clean and dry apply a little lanolin to seal the injury and promote healing. Good for the whole family; I use it on my little one quite regularly!

5.    Rough skin – use regularly overnight on dry rough patches of skin such as elbows and heels. This should soften it and make it easier to exfoliate.

6.    De-frizz your hair – lanolin is from sheep’s wool so this is closest to its intended use! Rub a small amount into your hands (the warmer they are the better to liquefy the lanolin) and apply to your hair as you would a hair oil or serum.

7.    Aftershave balm – lanolin is very soothing to raw skin and helps replace moisture lost from shaving. Rub a small amount into warm hands and apply a thin layer to the shaved skin. Great for mums and dads!

8.    Intensify your moisturisers – Take a small amount of lanolin in the palm of one hand and then add your regular amount of face cream, hand cream etc.. Blend together, and then apply as normal.

9.    Chest rub – To ease congestion while you sleep, take a pea-sized amount in the palm of one hand, add a couple of drops of eucalyptus or olbas oil and blend with your finger. Massage into chest area and sleep tight! This can be done for children too but ensure you use an oils suitable for them such a baby olbas.

I’m sure there are many more uses of this wonderful, natural product, please feel free to share your tips too in the comments below.